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Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Trump, Praising His Own Record, Leaves White House Ahead Of Biden’s Inauguration

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Biden, 78, will be the longest-serving US president in history in a reduced ceremony in Washington, which has largely been deprived of its pomp and normalcy, both because of the coronary heart disease and security concerns following Trump’s attack on the US Congress on January 6.

Trump left the White House with his wife Melania just after eight o’clock this morning (13:00 GMT) in a helicopter for a departure event at Joint Andrews Air Force Base, where he promised supporters we will return in some form. administrative accomplishments before flying to Florida.


Major Republicans, including Vice President Mike Pence, were not present to see Trump leave. Shortly after Trump’s remarks, Biden left the Washington presidency for a church where Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican Senate, joined him and the Republican leader. representatives of Kevin McCarthy.

Trump’s refusal to greet his successor and run for office represents a breach of more than one and a half political traditions, seen as a way of asserting a peaceful transfer of power.

With only a handful of participants, Biden will be sworn in before Chief Justice John Roberts just after noon (17:00 GMT) and lay his hand on a hereditary bible that has been in the Biden family for more than a century.

Its director, Kamala Harris, the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India, will be the first black man, the first woman and the first Asian to serve as vice president after being sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Latina partner.

The ceremony will take place outside the heavily fortified US House of Representatives, where a number of Trump supporters stormed the building two weeks ago, angry at his false claims that the November election was stolen by millions of votes. fraudulent.

The violence prompted the U. S. House of Representatives to direct Democrats to accuse Trump last week of an unprecedented second.

Thousands of National Guard soldiers were called into the city after the siege, which left five dead and briefly forced police into hiding. Instead of a large number of supporters, the National Mall will be covered with nearly 200,000 flags and 56 illuminated columns designed to represent the people of US states and territories.

‘Soul of America’
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Biden, who has vowed to “restore the soul of America,” will call for a United States crisis in times of crisis in his inaugural address, the advisers said.

He will spend little time trying to turn the page on the Trump era, advisers have said, and signed a series of 15 actions by the secretary-general on his first day in office on issues ranging from pandemic to economic. climate change. The orders will include masking federal property, returning to the Paris climate agreement, and ending Trump’s travel ban in some Muslim-majority states.

Former United States Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton, as well as McCarthy and McConnell, are expected to attend the inauguration of Biden.

Trump, who has been increasingly isolated in the last days of his mandate, has yet to recognize the November 3 election.

In his last remarks as president on Wednesday, Trump listed his successes, including the “cure” that vaccinated the coronavirus in less than a year, and said he was his president’s greatest. he did not name Biden by name.

He issued more than 140 apologies and communications in his final hours, including an apology to his former political adviser, Steve Bannon, who did not plead accusations he cheated Trump supporters of trying to raise private funds for Mexico Wall.

But Trump did not give preventive amnesties to himself or his family members after assuming he could do so.

GRIM MILESTONES Biden’s inauguration is the culmination of a five-decade public administration career that included more than three decades in the U. S. Senate and two terms under former President Barack Obama.

But he faces overlapping crises that challenge even part of his political experience.