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Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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The Texas Attorney General is asking the Supreme Court to prevent Biden’s victory in 4 states

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Tuesday asked the US Supreme Court to block four battlefield states to witness the victory of Democrat Joe Biden when the electoral college meets next Monday to officially elect the next president.

Texas attorney general asks Supreme Court to block Biden victory in 4 states

Paxton called on the court to prevent Georgia – Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – all won by Biden – from voting in the election campaign, arguing that officials were using the pandemic as an excuse to unconstitutionally change the electoral rules for the November general election .

The Republican attorney general also asked the country’s highest court to clarify the state certification of Biden’s victories and order lawmakers to cast each state’s electoral vote. This could change the election victory for President Donald Trump.

Trump and his campaigning have faced aggressive but unsuccessful legal challenges to reverse the results of the November presidential election and allow the Republican a second term.


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Paxton, a staunch supporter of Trump who has often complained about supporting the president’s policies, claimed that local officials used “executive or friendly processes” to expand the postal vote incorrectly and weaken signature confirmations and witnesses needed to protect electoral integrity.

“States have violated statutes promulgated by their lawfully elected legislators, thereby violating the Constitution. Ignoring both state and federal law, these states have not only blackened the integrity of the votes of their own citizens, but of Texas and all other states that had a legalright choice, “Paxton said in a statement.

The Paxton lawsuit against the states reiterated Trump’s claims that the unwarranted illegal vote contaminated the election despite a series of lower court rulings rejecting the claims, not supported by credible evidence.

Only at the Supreme Court, Paxton has argued, Monday’s vote will be dropped from the college until a “storm” of controversy over the vote can be resolved.

“This deadline, however, should not cement a potentially illegitimate election result in the midst of this storm, a storm created by the defending states themselves through their own constitutional actions,” Paxton told the court.

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