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On the Other Side of That Pandemic Wall

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SA Mind

Top things our brains need to help us get through the coming months

Credit: Scientific American Mind, Volume 32, Issue 2
How We Can Deal with ‘Pandemic Fatigue’”). He has some insight into how behavioral science might help us get across the pandemic end zone. The sooner the better.

Elsewhere in this collection, psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman explores a new phenomenon whereby self-improvement efforts—yoga, smoothies, meditation—end up feeding the ego rather than engendering enlightenment (see “The Science of Spiritual Narcissism”). And reporter Carrie Arnold investigates cases of COVID delirium and what they might mean for future mental health (see “The Link between Delirium and Dementia”). Thanks for reading, get some rest, and carry on.

This article was originally published with the title “On the Other Side of That Pandemic Wall” in SA Mind 32, 2, 2 (March 2021)




Andrea Gawrylewski

Andrea Gawrylewski is the collections editor at Scientific American.

Credit: Nick Higgins

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