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London Calling? Could Washington Football Team Join Falcons In NFL Overseas Game?

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We now know that the Washington Football Team is going to Buffalo. As long as we’re packing the weather gear for a trip, why not continue on to London?

The Atlanta Falcons this week announced that they will be playing a “home game” across the pond in London, part of what we have half-jokingly always called “the NFL’s manifest destiny” – a not-necessarily logical compulsion to rule the world.

(The television money waiting to be tapped by real NFL football in Europe, we will note, being logical enough for these 32 billionaires.)

It so happens that the Atlanta Falcons are one of Washington’s 17 opponents in the expanded 2021 NFL season, and that the WFT is scheduled to play Atlanta on the road.

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So, there is at least a one-in-six (or so; don’t challenge us with this math) chance that the WFT road game “at Atlanta” will actually be “at England.”

This is a scheduling wild-card and it can also be a logistical nightmare for all involved, though teams have been solving – or trying to solve – the challenges for decades. … while at the same time trying to accentuate the positives.

For Washington, which will along with the rest of the NFL have its full schedule released soon – the benefits are about exposure, for the league, obviously, but to a degree, for players, too.

Everybody gets to “grow the brand.”

Additionally, in a sense, the Falcons really lose a home game; there will be no hostile Atlanta crowd greeting the WFT. The home team will have no advantage.

The challenges for coach Ron Rivera’s bunch? When to leave. How long to stay. Practice-field conditions. The food change. The clock change. All of it.

It’s all enough for Washington to hope it doesn’t get the nod as a football team … while embracing the nod, if it comes, as an organization.

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