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‘It Feels Good To Be Back’: This Is The First Look At The Challenge: All Stars

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The Challenge will reach “new peaks” when a group of all stars return for the ultimate competition. Yes, they were “born for this.”

In the first look at The Challenge: All Stars, streaming on Paramount+ beginning April 1, 22 of the most iconic Real World and Road Rules vets will be back for the biggest event in Challenge history as they face unprecedented, over-the-top challenges set in the Andes Mountains of Argentina. The mission, according to host TJ Lavin: “You were all put together for one reason…to see who is the greatest of all time.”

While Real World/Road Rules Challenge and Battle of the Sexes victor Mark is eager to show “how the OGs used to roll,” Extreme Challenge gold medalist Syrus is ready to demonstrate how the “legacy goes on.” And then there’s the one and only Beth.

“Don’t mess with me,” the notorious veteran states, with a little cackle.

Who is Katie bickering with and telling them to “let it go”? And who can be seen spooning? Watch the exhilarating promo above, and do not miss The Challenge: All Stars streaming on Paramount+ beginning on April 1! And check out the entire cast below.

Ace Amerson – 4 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Alton Williams – 4 Challenges, 1 win

Aneesa Ferreira – 14 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Arissa Hill – 1 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Beth Stolarczyk – 7 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Darrell Taylor – 9 Challenges, 4 wins (Twitter / Instagram)

Derrick Kosinski – 10 Challenges, 3 wins (Twitter / Instagram)

Eric “Big Easy” Banks – 6 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Jemmye Carroll – 7 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Jisela Delgado – 3 Challenges (Instagram)

Jonna Mannion – 5 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Katie Cooley – 9 Challenges, 1 win (Twitter / Instagram)

KellyAnne Judd – 4 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Kendal Sheppard – 1 Challenge, 1 win (Twitter / Instagram)

Laterrian Wallace – 3 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Mark Long – 6 Challenges, 2 wins (Twitter / Instagram)

Nehemiah Clark – 4 Challenges, 1 win (Twitter / Instagram)

Ruthie Alcaide – 4 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Syrus Yarbrough – 5 Challenges, 1 win (Twitter / Instagram)

Teck Holmes – 1 Challenge (Twitter / Instagram)

Trishelle Cannatella – 4 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Yes Duffy – 3 Challenges, 1 win (Twitter / Instagram)

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