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How Teen Mom OG‘s Catelynn And Tyler Are Teaching Nova To ‘Work For What You Want’

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As Nova gets older, Catelynn and Tyler want to to teach their kindergartner responsibility and that “nothing in this world is free.”

“Every time we go to the store, she expects me to buy her a toy. And I do,” Cate told Ty during tonight’s Teen Mom OG episode, just before suggesting a solution to the problem. “I’m thinking chores where she can earn money, so that way she realizes you gotta work for what you want.”

Next step: Bring it up to Nova.

“Do you want to earn some money?” Cate asked her little girl while showing her a chore chart with “simple things” that would need to be done around the house.

At first, Nova was not interested even after her mom explained a few choices (cleaning up toys, feeding the dog). Quickly, Cate and Ty realized that they needed to change their approach and tell Nova that she could buy herself a toy (a fake snake) with her earnings.

After practicing writing letters on the chart, Nova began to warm up to the idea — and she was able to earn some dollars and coins.

“Good job, kid!” Tyler told Nova as she completed the items. High fives all around.

Will the chore schedule stick, and do you agree with Catelynn and Tyler’s approach? Give your take, and be sure to keep watching the Baltierras on TMOG every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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