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Dolphins Sunday Mailbag: Edge Defenders, Najee Harris, Safeties, and More

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This is part two of the latest mailbag and features your questions and my answers on the best choices for edge defenders, the Najee Harris debate, the safety position and more.

So here we go.

From Noño Malévolo (@NonoMalevolo):

Pitts at 6, Harris at 18 and Rousseau at 36 would be a dream scenario for Miami’s first three picks IMO; do you think is feasible?

Absolutely feasible, but not sure I’d go so far as to call it likely in terms of all three being available at those spots. Of those three, the one I’d be most comfortable saying will be available at that spot is Harris. With Pitts, I’d be concerned he’ll end up going fourth, and Rousseau might be just too good a pass-rushing prospect to slide out of the first round, though it’s certainly possible it could happen.

From Adam Tettenborn (@bigtetts):

If we get Pitts 6, would you draft one of the Alabama WRs if they fell to 18?

In that scenario, absolutely. And my reasoning is simple: I’m all about maximizing the value of the pick and I think either Waddle or Smith would represent great value at 18. At 6, hmm, different story. But it’s a no-doubter for me at 18.

From jeff Godin (@JGodin44):

Who is this drafts best DE at setting the edge/containing the outside run that fits the Dolphins size prototype for a large/long/heavy DE?

The answer here probably has to be Kwity Paye from Michigan, who’s generally considered the top DE/edge defender in the draft. And if you’re looking for size prototype, just know that Paye is listed at 6-4, 272, which are practically the same dimensions at Emmanuel Ogbah (6-4, 273).

From Scott F Kenward (@ScottFKenward):

If it comes down to Smith or Waddle, which one and why?

At 6, it’s Waddle and easily for me because of the risk factor with Smith and his size. I don’t care how productive he was at Alabama — and he was great — but there’s a reason there’s never been somebody with his frame who became a star in the NFL. And, no, his frame isn’t the same as Marvin Harrison, who weighed 181 at the combine, compared to Smith’s current weight of 170 (based on what he told reporters). It’s too much of a risk for me at 6, though not quite as egregious at 18, even though Waddle could become just as good an NFL player (both players staying healthy) because of his speed and quickness, which have brought comparisons in playing style to Tyreek Hill.

From Javier Noriega (@JavierN32160606):

Think Flores likes Smith and that will be his choice at 6? Harris or an Edge at 18?

The Dolphins have been great at hiding their likes and dislikes, so no one really can tell you with certainty who they like, and it’s not because Flores said positive things about Smith at the Senior Bowl that we should assume he’d take him at 6. Just consider the circumstances, and Flores would have had positive remarks about ANY prospect when asked publicly. Because of positional value, Smith’s frame and the fact that Waddle and/or Chase would be better options, I don’t see Smith at 6. As for 18, I wrote recently about Harris and the argument against taking a running back at 18 and I can’t help but think the Dolphins aren’t going to use the 18th pick on a running back when they didn’t do it with the 30th pick last year and the position was just as big a need as this year. As for edge rusher, yes, that’s a possibility, but the Dolphins don’t have to force it because there will be edge rushers available at 36 in the second or even 50.

From Dol-Fan UK Podcast (@DolFanUK_Pod):

With the emphasis on the secondary, and the subsequent success of Howard last season, do you think that safety could be a priority in the draft as the Fins look to add quality depth on defense?

The key word in your question is “priority.” No, I don’t see safety as a priority if the Dolphins plan on keeping both Eric Rowe and Bobby McCain because they also have Brandon Jones, who looked good as a rookie last year. That said, the Dolphins are at a place where they could upgrade the roster at just about every position, so I’m not sure any position should be eliminated from consideration if the right prospect is available at the right time, and that includes safety. And, yes, that could come as early as the second round.

From Ken Dasher (@kdash65):

Every year it seems Grier drafts someone that surprises the fan base. What position could you see them investing a high pick in that would catch us by surprise this year?

Guess the easy answer here would be quarterback because, yes, that would be a surprise at this point. But I also don’t see that happening. Based on what I’m seeing on social media, it seems to me a lot of folks are dismissing the idea of using a high pick on an offensive lineman because of what happened in the 2020 draft and I just don’t think that’s correct. The Dolphins know full well that a dominant offensive line makes everything else work better on offense and anybody who thinks the team already has all the answers up front is mistaken. I think any other position could be considered a surprise in terms of a high pick being spent on it — except kicker, punter or long-snapper, of course.

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