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After Covid’s failed response, Britain is tackling the provision of giant vaccines

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The UK has left hospitals without masks and gowns and has encountered testing and follow-up. So can it vaccinate tens of millions of people in a few months? Experts believe this is possible.



LONDON – A sports stadium in Bristol is being converted into a temporary vaccination clinic, as is a racetrack outside London. Village halls, libraries, and parking lots across the country are also being quickly converted into temporary vaccination centers, and the government is asking military planners for advice.

As it prepares to launch a coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday, Britain is taking on the biggest logistical challenge its health service has ever faced, vaccinating tens of millions of people against coronavirus in a few months. At the same time, law enforcement authorities face a number of potential threats to the safety of the vaccination campaign.



Vaccination is expected to begin on Tuesday at some hospitals in the UK that received the first batches of vaccines made by Pfizer and BioNTech, which will be stored at very low temperatures. However, it is expected that temporary clinics that will be set up quickly will play an important role when the mass vaccination program is expanded.
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Retired health workers are being asked to help, while the National Health Service is also recruiting tens of thousands of rescuers and others to administer the vaccine, as the vaccine gradually becomes available to humans. several people.